Packaged Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Treatment Systems

Commercial and Industrial RO Systems and Components

Take the expense and the mystery out of large-scale reverse osmosis plants (RO plants) with a packaged system. By making pre-designed, module-sized plants, fully assembled in standard 20-ft and 40-ft containers, the complexity and the construction of a building to house a water purification plant is no longer necessary.

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Bio Remediation Systems

Bio Remediation Systems include Aerobic Bioremediation, Anaerobic Dechlorination and Bio Augmentation.

Aerobic Bioremediation Systems

Aerobic Bioremediation Systems

Aerobic Bioremediation Systems are designed to deliver high volumes of dissolved oxygen and hydrocarbon degrading bacteria and nutrients to treat hydrocarbon contaminated sites. The systems provide consistent recirculation of oxygen-rich, nutrient-rich water to provide the critical requirements needed for successful in situ bioremediation. This recirculation provides the appropriate oxygen and nutrient volumes required to degrade the contaminant mass and continuous movement of the amendments throughout the site to provide maximum contact with the contaminated soils. These units can be stand alone or fully integrated into an existing or new Multi Phase Extraction System or Pump and Treat System.

Anaerobic Dechlorination Systems

Anaerobic Dechlorination Systems

Anaerobic Dechlorination Systems are designed to deliver substrates and nutrients to create the ideal site conditions for complete dechlorination of TCE, PCE, DCE and VC. The systems provide recirculation of the amended water throughout the site for maximum contact with the contaminated soils. The continuous operation allows for the correct mass delivery, and distribution to prevent biofouling and allow for complete dechlorination without stalling.

Bio Augmentation

Bio Augmentation

Bio Augmentation (biologically enhanced recirculation) involves the injection and recirculation of bacteria, nutrients or substrates to create an active, balanced environment in the subsurface that biologically degrades and eliminates the contamination. MAE2 can help design fully automated and manual recirculation equipment for enhanced Bio remediation for gasoline and chlorinated solvent sites.


Diffused Aerator Air Strippers

Diffused Aerators can achieve 99% removal efficiency and use a serpentine pattern designed aerated chamber. A blower provides the required air through proprietary fine or coarse bubble diffusers. The water then cascades into the last quiescent chamber and out of the system. Air stripping of the contaminant is achieved in the aerated chambers without media or moving parts. It is a compact, low maintenance, and low cost alternative to filters, packed towers, and mechanical aerators for the fast and efficient removal of dissolved gases and volatile organic.

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Methane Extraction Blowers

Methane extraction is required for safety and to comply with regulations. It is important to select the correct blower to maintain an even vacuum throughout your extraction area and to match the performance of your gas flare or burner. MAE2 can provide a cost effective integrated blower package designed for your application.

Centrifugal Transfer Pump Systems

Centrifugal pump systems are used to transfer liquids from sumps, pits, tanks and transfer stations.

These pumps come in a variety of horsepower and typically require 208-230/460 3 phase power. These pumps can be designed for low flow low head or high flow high head scenarios. Typical flow rates are 5-200 GPM with TDH ranges from 5-200. MAE2 can integrate centrifugal pumps as prepackages systems using common skid base, inlet and outlet pipe and fittings, instrumentation and local or remote control packages.

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Pneumatic Pumping Systems

Pneumatic Free Product Recovery and Total Fluids Pumping Systems

Pneumatic submersible pumps, a type of downwell pump, are used to extract contaminated groundwater, leachate and free phase LNAPL and DNAPL. Each pump system uses air to displace the liquid and are safe in explosive hazardous locations. Pneumatic pump systems provide low to moderate flow rates typically from .5-8 GPM. MAE2 can provide turnkey pneumatic systems coupled with compressor, solenoids, level control, product drums, oil water separators and treatment packages.

Pneumatic Pump Water Treatment System