MAE2 Selected for a second Air Sparge System at an Aeronautical Launch Site

This system, for a different customer, will include approximately 300 wells spread across the site

Air sparge system for environmental remediation

MAE2 was again selected after a competitive bid process to build and start up an integrated Air Sparge system for a second site at an aeronautical launch center. The system was designed to re-mediate a solvent plume around the launch pad site. There are almost 300 wells spread across the site in order to create high air flow and radius of influence across the plume. The system design included programmable timers that allow the user to rotate air delivery through the different site areas as desired.

The project included remote operation and monitoring so that the performance could be viewed and adjusted as required. The completed system included a 100 HP variable speed rotary screw compressor capable of providing up to 525 CFM. The compressor automatically adjusts to provide only the air demand needed at any given moment which saves electricity and prolongs the life of the equipment. The System controls display and log temperature, pressure and CFM flow for the compressor and well field areas. The set points and operation timers can be adjusted remotely by phone or computer to maintain optimum efficiency.

The system was installed in a utility trailer custom designed to handle the size and weight of the compressor. Custom duct-work and climate control were designed to keep the interior of the trailer at the low temperature and low humidity that the compressor requires for proper operation.

This Air Sparge System uses the following components and subsystems