PS Landfill

Landfill Leachate and Contaminated Groundwater Removal

200 GPM Leachate and Contaminated Groundwater Removal
Regional landfill requiring leachate level control and hydraulic control of groundwater contaminated with chlorinated solvents. MAE2 was tasked with the construction of a 200 GPM system that included 17 groundwater control wells and 8 leachate wells. The system design included connecting flows from the existing remote groundwater treatment building, and a new leachate pumping building to a new main control building.

This required a main control panel that provided remote access and control over the groundwater and leachate building while still allowing for local control from each building. The 17 groundwater pumps in the existing building and the 7 leachate pumps in the new building pumped into the main building. The main building contained an 8th leachate pump along with a main holding tank and redundant main discharge pumps capable of operating independently or together as needed. The discharge pumps are controlled using a Variable frequency drive. The total discharge flow is regulated based upon the pressure reading in the discharge line in order to keep the flow within the permit limits as required by the local POTW.

The system is fully automated and adjusts automatically to the incoming flow changes due to rain events and the discharge limitations required by the POTW. The master control panel MCP allows the user to easily adjust the settings controlling the automated operation to meet any changes to the operating conditions as required by permit. The system allows for complete control from each of the on site buildings and also through remote computer access.

This Landfill Leachate and Contaminated groundwater removal systems uses the following components and subsystems