Municipal Landfill Project to Remediate PCE, TCE, Vinyl Chloride and Methane

Municipal Landfill Project Equipment for the remediation of PCE, TCE, Vinyl Chloride and Methane

MAE2 has a full range of systems for recovery of landfill methane and VOC contamination.

Landfill systems operate in some of the harshest conditions and must be designed with those conditions in mind. MAE2 has the experience and capability to build a landfill gas system for your specific application. Blower sizing, material compatibility, and NEC electrical classification design are all critical to the success of your project.

MAE2 was contacted by a municipal landfill to replace the main components of an existing blower system that operates within a landfill cell that is contaminated with PCE, TCE and Vinyl Chloride along with methane. The blower extracts the contaminated VOC’s and methane and then a propane enhanced flare destroys the contamination. The blower had failed and the vapor liquid separator had corroded from exposure to the elements and the solvents.Equipment_Remediate_PCE_TCE_Vinyl_Chloride_Methane

MAE2 recommended our Marine Grade Aluminum Vapor Liquid Separator to offer better protection from the corrosive VOC’s and the exposure to the weather.
MAE2 selected a regenerative blower based upon the system performance needs and the existing site conditions. The landfill was able to benefit from a lower cost blower selected to meet their current needs rather than replacing the existing blower with the same model. MAE2 assisted with the connection and integration of the new equipment into the existing system and provided complete start up and testing. MAE2 was able to use our experience to help this municipal landfill operation select and implement a cost-effective solution that will keep them operating trouble free for years to come.

This Landfill remediation project uses the following components and subsystems

Regenerative Vacuum Blower
Marine Grade Aluminum 60 Gallon Vapor Liquid Separator