Launch Site Air Sparge System

MAE2 was selected to build and start up an integrated Air Sparge system for a site at an aeronautical launch center.

The system was designed to remediate a solvent plume across a large area with dozens of wells. The wells were grouped into 10 zones and the design required that each zone could be easily programmed to operate independently or simultaneous with other zones as needed. The project required remote operation and monitoring so that the performance and the zones could be viewed and adjusted as required. The completed system included a 50 HP variable speed rotary screw compressor capable of providing 50-260 CFM at up to 189 PSIG. The Master Control System (MCP) was designed to provide monitoring of the temperature, pressure and CFM flow for the compressor as well as the individual zones going out to the well field. The MCP allows the user to change the set points and zone operation timers to operate in any combination desired for optimum efficiency. The MCP was connected to internet based access via a cellular modem allowing for complete system control via any web connected computer or from a smart phone. The password protected remote access provides the same control screens and operational control that you get on site from the MCP.

The system was installed in a utility trailer custom designed to meet the equipment operational needs. The axles were oversized to handle the weight requirements of the large compressor. The compressor creates a lot of heat and requires a constant fresh air supply. This required custom ductwork to allow the compressor to receive a fresh clean air supply and to direct all heat and exhaust to the outside of the trailer. Custom washable filters were designed for easy maintenance of the duct work. The system was build with a split unit air conditioner too keep the summer temperatures from causing system shutdowns. To save energy during the winter months the system included a simple vent fan and fresh air louver with lockable covers to prevent air loss when the air conditioner is needed.

This Air Sparge System uses the following components and subsystems